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Bristol 04-2016


Into 2016, and a gorgeous sunny April day for the meet in Bristol. As well as the usual games, food and socialising at The Knights Templar, the day consisted of a long and mammoth fursuit walk around the city centre.

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Bristol 03-2015


After quite a quiet spell of meets for Bristol, March 2015 saw another meet for the Southern City. With all the old regulars and lots of new folks coming out for a day of fun around the city, with a fursuit walk thrown in as this is the modern days

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Bristol 01-2013


Two days, and two seperate meets in Bristol. The first day was a Geocaching special, not letting ourselves be put off by the recent snowfall as a small group dug around the local landscape for clues. Sunday consisted of a revisit to the very popular pottery painting in Bristol Town, as people used their art skills to put together their own varied selection of pigs, dragons and bisexual penguins!

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Bristol 04-2012


Another month, and another change of pace for Bristolfurs. This time to mark Easter, an Easter Egg hunt was arranged by the venerable TigerFire. Groups attempted to solve a series of fiendish clues scattered around Bristol Park, before finishing off the day with a meal and more friendly socialising.

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Bristol 01-2012


A new year in the South, and time for something a little different. To celebrate Chinese New Year, the assembled group gathered with a selection of fuzz and pipe cleaners to make a selection of quality dragons. Before winding down the evening with some chatting at the pub.

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Bristol 08-2011


August, and a nice day means we get to be both indoors and outdoors. After the usual meetup and chat over coffee, the day moved to the bowling alley for a few hours, for a chance for everyone to prove how badly they can bowl. After that a few hours were spent disturbing the quiet tranquility of the city park, before winding up the day in the pub.

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Bristol 03-2011


Getting ever closer to spring now, and another Bristol meet. This time round after the traditional meet up over coffees and before the other traditional evening at Knights Templar, the main part of the day was spent beating one another at games of bowling, albeit under the strange and often humourous names the lane staff had managed to enter on the system!

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Bristol 02-2011


A somewhat stormy weekend in Early Feb, and the second Bristol meet of 2011 strikes. This time, in order to encourage more furs to save for future events, the majority of the day was spent painting pottery piggy banks in a variety of insane colours, in between the usual socialising and getting to know one another.

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Bristol 01-2011


A brand new year in the South West, and after a few month's absence myself I'm back in Bristol. A small gathering of folks met up to exchange new year stories over coffee and drinks in the famous Knight's Templar. Additionally the bulk of the day was spent looking round the museum, with a quizzical challenge of much magnitude for those who dared it...

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Bristol Boat Party 09-2010


Out on the river in Bristol for September, with a day of boating down the river taking in the scenery of the local area, whilst socialising with the group of well dressed furs. After arriving at our mystery location a little way outside of the town, a small get together made up of tea, scones and fun and games was had. After that, it was back on the boat to Bristol to wind down the evening with friends.

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Bristol 08-2010


Moving out of the town centre for a change, the August Bristol furmeet was relocated to Bristol Zoo. A wide selection of animals looking lost and confused were to be found there, and then there were those that belonged to the zoo too! After a fun day of that, the goup retired to the usual haunt of Weatherspoons to wind down the evening with chat, drink and food.

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Bristol 07-2010


Another summery month in Bristol, and this time... it's with added water. Balloons and huge water guns collided in the park for a battle of the furs. Outside of that was much socialising with a barbeque, coffee at Starbucks and finally winding down a warm evening with some fursuiting at the pub.

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Bristol 06-2010


After a grey morning, the sun came out to greet us in the park for June's meet in Bristol. The day started off with obligatory coffeeage, before moving on to play bowling and card based games with pieces o' gold and coal, before spending a lazy afternoon in the park listening to music being played from the bandstand. The evening was then spent with quiet chatting and food at the Knights Templar Wetherspoons once again, as fursuiters popped up to confuse the public.

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Bristol 05-2010


A heatwave of a weekend in Bristol, and what better way to celebrate than with a barbeque. After starting the day off with coffee at Starbucks, the group moved onto the park to lose frisbees in trees before beginning the cooking of many types of meat. The evening was spent socialising in the pub, over board games.

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Bristol 03-2010


Another wet Spring and another meet in the Southerly town of Bristol. A wide mix of fun was had, meeting up at the train station, before moving on to the obligatory coffee, muffins and cookies fun. After that groups split up for bowling or ice skating, depending upon how daring they felt, before regrouping to spend a wet evening indoors at the pub chatting and being sociable.

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Bristol 06-2009


What better way to spend a sunny day, than in barbequeing a large amount of meat (on some disposable BBQ's with a varying degree of success in lighting), whilst bouncing around on spacehoppers and playing with random items in the park? After a good fill of food, the whole group retired to the local pub for a combination of drinking, chatting and... death defying stunts with bicycles and fursuiters!

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Bristol 05-2009


A very wet Sunday down South greeted the small and intrepid group who'd braved the city at short notice. The daily activities involved nipping down to the coffee shop for...well... coffee (and similar such coffee-shop related things), before splitting up into 2 to go either to a bar for chatting, or to the cinema.

11 files, last one added on May 19, 2009
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Gloucester 05-2009


A mini meet in Gloucester was the order of the day for the middle of May 2009. Though the meet may have been mini, the quantities of pizza consumed at the following Pizza Hut certainly weren't. There was also terrorising of plushies in Toys R' Us, and some of the other shops, before moving to Waterstones to be all intellectual... or at least drink coffee from the attached Costa, whilst chatting and sketching random bits and bobs.

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