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Scotiacon 2022


As Europe began to emerge from nearly 2 years of COVID lockdowns, one of the first conventions back out of the door was Scotiacon in February 2022. Finally moving to their new venue in Glasgow which had first been teased during the 2019 event, for a weekend of fun and games in a whole new location.

66 files, last one added on Aug 07, 2022
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NordicFuzzCon 2020


A fresh new hotel, and a move to the city of Malmö were the biggest changes for NFC 2020. Bringing with it a theme based around Eurovision Song Contest, and all the glamour and great music that accompanies that. NFC 2020 also ended up being one of the last European conventions to run a physical event, before COVID-19 lockdowns wrote off most of the remainder of the year and forced everyone to virtual events.

281 files, last one added on Apr 05, 2020
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Scotiacon 2019


One final fling in Livingston for Scotiacon for late November 2019. With a surprisingly dry (for the time of year), albeit cold weekend of fun and frolics. This time based around the theme of Steampunk.

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Eurofurence 25 - 2019


Another sunny year in Berlin, as Eurofurence reaches it's first quarter century. And what better way to mark it than with a theme involving fractures in time, and giving a perfect chance to take a look back at the 25 years of the convention.

286 files, last one added on Aug 25, 2019
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NordicFuzzCon 2019


Back to Sweden in 2019 as NordicFuzzCon returned for its third and final year at the Scandic hotel near Stockholm. This time round events follow the theme of 'A Winter Howliday'... or Christmas in February.

180 files, last one added on Jul 28, 2019
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Scotiacon 2018


November 2018, and back in Livingston again for the delights of Scotiacon 2018. With a Medieval Murder Mystery theme this time round, another weekend of fun was to follow.

75 files, last one added on Jul 28, 2019
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Eurofurence 24 - 2018


Another year for Eurofurence at their spiritual home of the Estrel Centre in Berlin for 2018, only this time round welcoming you aboard Eurofurence Airlines.

268 files, last one added on Nov 25, 2018
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Just Fur The Weekend - 2018


Returning to Bristol for another iteration in 2018 was Just Fur The Weekend. The seaside was the theme this time, used to great effect over the Easter weekend of fun for the con.

84 files, last one added on Nov 25, 2018
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Scotiacon 2017


Back for year number four in Livingston, Scotiacon unleashes its unique charm on the Scottish landscape. With a huge jump in numbers and a pirate theme, lots of new fun and games was to be had over the weekend.

122 files, last one added on Nov 12, 2017
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Eurofurence 23 - 2017


Back at their familiar home of the Estrel in Berlin for 2017, only this time the theme has gone from the 80s right the way back to Ancient Egypt. Quite a timeline jump! Keep your eyes out for giant dragon-like non-dragons too!

216 files, last one added on Nov 12, 2017
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Just Fur The Weekend - 2017


After a smashing first year success, JFTW returned to Bristol Filton for a second year over Easter 2017. This time with more people and full use of the hotel. The fursuit walk went down into Bristol once more, just this time without some of the wind that had hit during the first year.

179 files, last one added on May 27, 2017
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Scotiacon 2016


The third year back in Livingston, and for once a lack of rain in November greeted the days of the con. Although it remained cold, which matched nicely with the winter theme of the con as another weekend of fun kicked off in earnest.

71 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2016
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Eurofurence 22 - 2016


Returning back to the Estrel Centre and back to the 80s, Eurofurence 22 came around in August 2016. As well as the usual mix of themed events, the convention would see the return of The Pawpets Show after its year hiatus during EF21.

255 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2016
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Just Fur The Weekend - 2016


A new UK convention came to the sunny (or variable-weather-ed) shores of Bristol for Easter 2016. A weekend of fun around the area was to follow for the first year, with no one successfully getting blown away in the strong winds by Clifton Suspension Bridge.

101 files, last one added on Apr 04, 2016
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NordicFuzzCon 2016


In March 2016 NordicFuzzCon returned to Utsikten Meetings for its second and final year there... filling up almost all the other hotels in Nyn�shamn at the same time. With a theme of Atlantis this time round, the snowy environment simultaneously became a wet one for several days of fun. BLIP!

177 files, last one added on Apr 03, 2016
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Scotiacon 2015


Returning to Livingston for their second year and the fifth year in total, the fuzzies once again graced the Mercure for an admittedly quite stormy weekend... but then it is November. As the theme is post apocalyptic too, it's probably quite fitting.

83 files, last one added on Nov 10, 2015
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Eurofurence 21 - 2015


Returning to the Estrel in Berlin for its second year, with about double the convention space within the same building it still managed to feel like they'd moved to a completely different venue to the previous year. Several days of fun and games still followed all centred round their Greenhouse theme!

190 files, last one added on Oct 10, 2015
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NordicFuzzCon 2015


2015 and a bigger new hotel for NordicFuzzCon, as the convention returned to the edges of Stockholm for the third annual convention. This time with Nordic Folklore as their theme, several days of fun and games were to follow. Just... no one ask about the rubber ducks... ever!

99 files, last one added on Apr 19, 2015
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Scotiacon 2014


Back in Scotland for a fourth year, this time moving out of their previous home in Inverness to the more southerly retreat of Livingston, Scotiacon once again brought together a small group of people for a weekend of fun and games. This time centred round the theme of Heroes and Villains, the slightly wet November weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of all those there!

78 files, last one added on Jan 05, 2015
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Eurofurence 20 - 2014


Celebrating a big 20 years saw Eurofurence move to its new home at Estrel Hotel and Convention Centre in Berlin, bringing Europe's largest conventions well... to one of the largest convention centres in Europe. A brand new venue brought with it a whole new area of fun and games to explore for around 2000 attendees, with favourite recurring events back, new ones added in, as well as a return of some old favourites from years earlier like the con campfire.

250 files, last one added on Aug 25, 2014
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Confuzzled 2014


A brand new venue, and a considerably more corporate feeling con greeted Confuzzled for 2014 as it moved to it's 4th home near Birmingham Airport. 4(ish) days of frollicking with fursuits and events were to follow, and though the track record of glorious sunshine for CFz finally broke, spirits were not dampened.

132 files, last one added on May 28, 2014
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NordicFuzzCon 2014


Starting in Stockholm in 2013 and returning for it's second year in 2014, NFC brought a furry convention to the suburbs of the city in Sweden. A weekend of fun and games was to follow, all with a bit of a Steampunk theme (with some extra murder mystery thrown in, just for good measure).

137 files, last one added on Apr 21, 2014
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Eurofurence 19 - 2013


Returning to the Maritim Hotel in Magdeburg for a fourth and final time in August 2013, Eurofurence 19 certainly went out with a bang in the town. In among the usual mix of con events, and socialising with large amounts of drink, considerably more media interest than in previous years brought thousands of members of the public from miles around to line the route of the largest fursuit walk ever held in Europe.

158 files, last one added on Aug 26, 2013
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Scotiacon 2013


Returning once more to the Mercure Hotel up in Inverness, Scotland in 2013, Scotiacon celebrated it's third year with a sci-fi theme being the order of the day. A mix of fun and games, talks and of course dancing deep into the night came to the highland city once more for 3 days in Early August.

92 files, last one added on Aug 06, 2013
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Confuzzled 2013


Returning to the Hinckley Island Hotel for it's second and final year there, Confuzzled once again hit on a fantastic week in the summer sun. With an extra day and several hundred more attendees now added to the happenings, 4 days of the usual fun and games ensued, the number of fursuiters rose even higher, and somehow no-one managed to fall in the pond again.

112 files, last one added on Jun 16, 2013
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Eurofurence 18 - 2012


For the third year, the ever bigger and better European convention returned to the German city of Magdeburg. Several sun-filled days greeted the furries gathered there, as they once again frolicked with the local people, businesses and even local news crews.

134 files, last one added on Oct 17, 2012
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Confuzzled 2012


Celebrating it's fifth year saw the premier UK furcon Confuzzled roll out the red carpet, smash all records on attendance numbers, as well as move to a brand new venue in the Midlands. A scorching weekend of sunshine sat over the top of 3 fun filled days, with more fursuiters than you could shake a small forest at.

209 files, last one added on May 30, 2012
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Midwest FurFest - 2011


Crossing the Atlantic for the first time ever for the rabbit, November 2011 saw him trekking to the city of Chicago for the world's third largest con. Joining up with 2600 furries at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare for a weekend of fun, games, and very cold North American temperatures...

122 files, last one added on Nov 27, 2011
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Eurofurence 17 - 2011


Back for a second year at the Maritim in Magdeburg, this time bigger and better (and with considerably more attention from the media). The theme this time was Kung Fu, leading to a new slant on the usual weekend of fun and games in Germany. Oh, and one of the wettest fursuit walks ever recorded at a con...

108 files, last one added on Oct 09, 2011
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Confuzzled 2011


Back to Manchester for the fourth year running, a baking hot weekend greeted the attendees of Manchester. Once again the Britannia Hotel was taken over for 3 days of fun and games, this year with a 20s spin on it all. Yes, furries were not getting that smartly dressed without a good reason!

179 files, last one added on May 09, 2011
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RBW 2010


The 2010 iteration of London's convention took place at the Britannia International Hotel over Bonfire weekend 2010. Several days brought together people from all over the country in a gathering of partying, games, insane amounts of cardgame playing and nerf weaponry. All with their centrepiece boat party in the middle. With a theme set in space, it was all systems go (or some similar clichéd line)! Sadly 2010 was to be the last RBW!

148 files, last one added on Nov 08, 2010
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Eurofurence 16 - 2010


Back to Germany for Eurofurence, and after 3 years EF finally left it's home at the rural town of Suhl to move to the Hotel Maritim in Magdeburg. In among the new larger and shinier surroundings, 5 days of fun followed, with events, food, drinking and much chatting with the huge numbers of people there from around the globe.

163 files, last one added on Sep 06, 2010
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Confuzzled 2010


Back for its third year, and with a step up to a new hotel, Confuzzled returned for it's third year in May 2010. More than double the number of people descended upon the Country House Hotel in Manchester for a wide selection of events, sigs and plenty of meeting up with friends from near and far.

177 files, last one added on May 10, 2010
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Eurofurence 15 - 2009


Returning to the middle of Suhl in Germany for one final time at the end of August 2009 was the famous Eurofurence. Over 900 people packed into the hotel atop the mountain for a weekend of fun, socialising, shows, and more people in costumes than ever seen, before topping off the weekend with the ever popular Pawpet Show.

242 files, last one added on Sep 02, 2009
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Confuzzled 2009


May 2009, just in time for the birthday of Queen Victoria, saw Confuzzled return to the Youth Hostel in Manchester for a second year... only this time with a Victorian slant. After a ropey start weather wise, 3 days of sunshine rained down on a collection of crazy critters once again proving what the UK can do!

314 files, last one added on May 25, 2009
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Eurofurence 14 - 2008


Finally, the first international event to appear on here, and it's the big one in Europe! Eurofurence 14 was held at the Ringberg Hotel in Suhl Germany at the end of August 2008. With a base theme of 'Horrorfurence', much fun was had, with a wide mix of stage and room events, and a million fursuiters from around the globe.

200 files, last one added on Sep 02, 2008
Album viewed 306 times

Confuzzled 2008


Many skeptics insisted it would never happen (and several cynics continue to argue it didn't), but in June 2008 a determined team pulled off the first fully residential convention to be held in the UK. Hosted at the Youth Hostel in Manchester from the 20th-23rd June, the weekend was packed with more events than can be fitted into a simple description, with more fluffy fursuits than you can shake a stick at.

254 files, last one added on Jun 23, 2008
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